Movie Review: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a movie I’ve been antic­i­pat­ing ever since it was announced, and I know I’m not alone. You’ll be pleased to learn Marvel Studios con­tin­ues acing their high-wire act […]

Survival Horror: From Drought to Shovelware Glut

Horror, par­tic­u­lar­ly Survival Horror, is in an odd place right now. As the fer­vour over the Silent Hills Playable Trailer neat­ly demon­strat­ed, there is still a rav­en­ous hunger for big-budget […]

Game Review: Claire

(Disclaimer: The copy of this game played was pur­chased by the review­er.) In the spir­it of the Halloween sea­son, I want­ed to review a spooky game that I nor­mal­ly don’t […]

Early Access: Steam’s Horror Story

Like many oth­er endeav­ors cre­at­ed to bypass the neces­si­ty of pub­lish­ers to get odd or niche games made for a cus­tomer base will­ing to spend the mon­ey on them, Steam’s […]

Scary Games Vs Horror Games

There is a gen­re of game that I have a cer­tain fond­ness for, and given that this is the Halloween issue I bet you can guess what gen­re that is. […]

Pack in Game of the Month: Town of Salem

Town of Salem a turn based Flash game by Blank Media Games is a game that you can play for free in an inter­net browser or on your mobile device, all you […]