5 Consecutive Hairpins: Japanese Battle Racing and Initial D

The ani­me se­ries Initial D is an im­por­tant cul­tur­al touch­stone in Japan. It por­trays a very real cul­tur­al phe­nom­e­non that has been im­i­tat­ed and copied count­less times out­side of Japan, […]

Planetes Review

I’ve been more a fan of ani­me in the past than I have been more re­cent­ly, but nor­mal­ly the best of what I watch of ani­me ends up be­ing some […]

An Introduction to Gunpla

I don’t usu­al­ly write, so this may be a bit awk­ward at first, but I want­ed to in­tro­duce you to a pas­sion of mine, and that is Gunpla. For those […]

Something Stinks In Visual Novels, and It’s Not The Sex Scenes

Visual nov­els are get­ting a big push late­ly on Steam. It seemed the flood gates opened at some point, and we are now awash with the medi­um on the plat­form. […]

Magic: The Gathering — Kaladesh Preview

Now that the en­tire­ty of Kaladesh is spoiled and pre‐release events are com­ing up fast, it’s fi­nal­ly time to take a look at what the new fall set of Magic: […]

Magic: The Gathering – The Casual Conspiracy

Despite play­ing and col­lect­ing Magic: The Gathering for a good num­ber of years, I’m still a filthy ca­su­al at heart. I en­joy the de­tails of a well‐tuned Modern deck, but the […]

Pack‐in Game of the Month: Roguelight

This month’s pack‐in game is an ab­solute­ly charm­ing lit­tle plat­former by Daniel Linssen (AKA Managore). Roguelight is a free (or pay your own price) game plat­former whose gim­mick is that […]