Gamers With Guns

Firearms ownership is very prevalent in the USA. About 23.1 million background checks were conducted in 2015 alone -- the highest ever recorded since the current system for background checks was started in 1998. Despite the globalisation of game development [...]

I’ve Got Next: Put Your Quarter Up!

An idea I’ve seen perpetuated over and over by the media is that gaming is not diverse enough. They make false claims that gaming is a Cis Het White Male™®© dominated hobby, contrary to the ubiquity of Twitch channels and [...]

eSports Is Getting Big, And Here Are The Scandals To Prove It

With the overall gaming market getting larger every year, we’ve seen a similar rise in the prominence of eSports. A near $100 billion dollar industry is spawning $20 million dollar DOTA 2 tournaments, and coverage of Street Fighter V hit [...]

Magic The Gathering: Eldritch Moon Set Review

Ever since 2010’s “Rise of the Eldrazi,” Magic the Gathering fans were crying out for more of Magic’s gargantuan Lovecraftian antagonists. It had a lot to do with how unique the set was, and how fondly people remember that limited [...]

Gamers and Mental Health: You Are Not Alone

On January 4th 2015, I lost my father to a long battle with cancer. The period since then has been challenging, with other family illnesses & turbulence. Along the way I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression, something I’ve struggled with [...]

Love Video Games and They Will Love You Back

Video games are awesome. Many who are part of the gaming community feel that video games have enriched their lives, citing overwhelmingly positive experiences. Myself included, which is why I want to highlight my love of video games as much [...]

From Around Our Youtube

If you don't much visit our Youtube page -- and you should go there now and subscribe you scrubs -- then you may have missed our lovely Star Citizen and Line of Defense streams! It was something else... The [...]

Pack-in Game of the Month: Knytt

Knytt is a free independently developed platformer developed by Nifflas' Games (Swedish indie developer Nicklas Nygren). You play a little monkey-man abducted by aliens who must repair the crashed ship to get home. You’ll spend maybe an hour or two [...]

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