Killer Tofu

Killer Tofu is the only acceptable form of tofu out there. When not writing about games and internet culture he enjoys long walks on the beach with your mom. But he won't call her afterwards.

I’ve Got Next: Put Your Quarter Up!

An idea I’ve seen per­pet­u­at­ed over and over by the me­dia is that gam­ing is not di­verse enough. They make false claims that gam­ing is a Cis Het White Male™®© dom­i­nat­ed hob­by, con­trary to the ubiq­ui­ty of Twitch chan­nels and […]

Pack-in Game of the Month: Tales of Maj’Eyal

Tales of Maj’Eyal: Age Of Ascendancy , a rogue­like de­vel­oped by Darkgod and his team, and is one of the most es­sen­tial rogue­like ex­pe­ri­ences you can play to­day. Keeping in spir­it with the orig­i­nal Rogue, Tales of Maj’Eyal can be downloaded […]

To Chan or Not to Chan

(Update 2/14/2016: This ar­ti­cle had been writ­ten when we first launched the site, and were on AdSense at the time. The orig­i­nal ver­sion of this piece had the word “fag­got” in it twice. We had got­ten an email from AdSense […]