Hello and wel­come to our hum­ble home. Thanks for com­ing to Super Nerd Land! Double thanks for click­ing here and read­ing this! Let us tell you a lit­tle about our­selves while you are here.

We are Super Nerd Land, and we are here to bring you cov­er­age on things related to nerd cul­ture. We want to bring you cov­er­age on games, both tra­di­tional and video. We also want to high­light tech­nol­ogy and how it effects us and helps us grow. We want to inform of the new but also give rev­er­ence to what has come before.

We hope that over time we can grow to cover other areas as well. Mediums like comics, TV, movies, books and more have helped us grow into the peo­ple we are today. We want to honor the marks these have left on our­selves and cul­ture at large.

We know we are noth­ing with­out you, our read­ers and view­ers. We strive to cre­ate with our own pas­sion, but we are here for you. If you have some­thing you would like cov­ered, let us know here. If we are not uphold­ing the stan­dards we have set forth then please let us know. We work to be as trans­par­ent as can be and want to focus on qual­ity of not just con­tent but of com­mu­nity.

We embrace the cre­ator cul­ture that is grow­ing ever more preva­lent these days. It’s never been eas­ier to strike out and cre­ate your own con­tent, explore your own niches, and inter­act with your com­mu­nity. That is what we are about here at Super Nerd Land. We hope to be not only enter­tain­ing, not just infor­ma­tive, but to also help show peo­ple how they can cre­ate their own future.

We want to renew the enthu­si­asm of the enthu­si­ast press. We are not here because it is our job. We are here because it is our pas­sion.

Hope you enjoy the ride, and thanks for tun­ing in!