Letter from the Editor (May 2019)

We meet again! Fancy see­ing you around these parts. It’s that time of the month again, so I need­ed to make sure I bang on about what’s been go­ing on around here, and talk about some bits and bobs regarding […]

City of Heroes: Rebirth Amid Drama

As I sit here, I should be writ­ing about more press­ing things. Games press are go­ing nuts (what’s new?), Google have re­cent­ly an­nounced changes to AMP that have got­ten un­der my skin and what I’ve col­lect­ed about their Stadia project […]

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – The Foundation of a Future That Never Was

(Editor’s Note: This is a re­post from the won­der­ful Christian Kaleb, orginal­ly post­ed on https://www.ckaleb.com/. You can find more of his writ­ing there, or help sup­port his up­com­ing book Sword of The Nation by vis­it­ing his Patreon here!) I still […]

Lessons Learned From Games: Final Fantasy IV and Redemption

Games have been a big part in help­ing me work with what I cope with, or at least has been enough of a dis­trac­tion in the times in which it was need­ed. And I know it’s a big rea­son why […]

Building a Streaming Service — Part One: Am I F***ing Crazy?

(Editor’s Note: We have no af­fil­i­ate or mar­ket­ing con­nec­tions to WMSPanel or Softvelum LLC. We just pay for their ser­vice and en­joy it very much) So I heard you’d like to build your own stream­ing ser­vice! Or at least hear […]

The Cena Situation: Bringing WWE Creative To Heel

(Editor’s Note: This draft is about a year old, and has been up­dat­ed to pub­lish now. If any ref­er­ences seem out­dat­ed then blame the ed­i­tor!) Let’s start this off with a hy­po­thet­i­cal. Imagine you’re a man­u­fac­tur­er of some­thing which was […]

Coming Down the Pike – May 2019 Game Releases

While there does seem to be a lit­tle some­thing for every­body com­ing this month for var­i­ous sys­tems, there are re­al­ly just three stand outs for me per­son­al­ly. Yakuza Kiwami 2, Team Sonic Racing and Total War: Three Kingdoms. While I […]

Free Pack-in Game of the Month: Santa Monica By Night

You know what is pret­ty neat? Game jams, where devs come to­geth­er for cod­ing con­tests, see­ing what kind of crazy cre­ations can be made from a lim­it­ed re­source pool of time and tal­ent. You know what is even bet­ter? When […]

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