Nathan Pulham

A frostback by birth, English by blood. Pun magister and intermediate shooper with a serious passion for the wrestling business and a love of red hot takes. On PlayStation under Juicer873 (reference to that old racing game Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights. Yes, it was that bloody good.) Uploads his best matches from WWE video games to YouTube for the shits, giggles and posterity and is found on Steam under Slotter Otter. Pun proficient pain in the ass painter. Dynasty Warriors Die-Hard - Hack n Slash Heroin Addict

JBL, What The Hell?

(Editors Note: This ar­ti­cle has been up­dat­ed with a new YouTube video em­bed. The one we orig­i­nal­ly had post­ed with Blue Meanie talk­ing about his ex­pe­ri­ence used is now linked to a ter­mi­nat­ed YouTube ac­count. We have also added a new video […]