Coming Down the Pike – June 2019 Game Releases

So June is­n’t chock full of amaz­ing re­leas­es, but that does­n’t mean it is­n’t with­out a few high­lights.

First, that comes to mind is the hype that Switch own­ers will be hav­ing over the up­com­ing Super Mario Maker 2. I can­not lie, if I had a Switch then I would be more ex­cit­ed as well.

The same goes for Crash Team Racing which is com­ing out for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this month. We have heard sol­id word on a PC port of this beloved ti­tle, but we re­main con­fi­dent of one in the fu­ture giv­en the re­lease of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Steam. Another game that I am sad to not see on PC yet is Samurai Shodown. We are sure that one is go­ing to be a blast.

The ti­tle I am look­ing for­ward to was al­ready en­joyed im­mense­ly by Switch own­ers in 2018. Octopath Traveler is com­ing to Steam this month, and I per­son­al­ly can­not wait to fi­nal­ly get my hands on this one.

There were a hand­ful of oth­er ti­tles that were la­beled as be­ing re­leased in Q2 2019 or “First Half 2019” that I de­cid­ed not to list here be­cause if they haven’t giv­en a sol­id re­lease date with­in the month then I can­not be as­sured they won’t be de­layed.

Any games you are look­ing for­ward to that are com­ing out this month or lat­er this year? Let us know!


Knighty NightPCJune 3, 2019
Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of FujisawaNS, PS4, PCJune 4, 2019
ReventurePCJune 4, 2019
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIPS4June 4, 2019
Trover Saves the UniversePCJune 4, 2019
Warhammer: ChaosbanePS4, XOJune 4, 2019
BarotraumaPCJune 5, 2019
Swords & Souls: NeverseenPCJune 5, 2019
Road to GuangdongPCJune 6, 2019
Octopath TravelerPCJune 7, 2019
Dragon Star VarnirPS4June 14, 2019
Crash Team Racing Nitro-FueledNS, PS4, XOJune 21, 2019
DATE A LIVE: Rio ReincarnationPS4June 21, 2019
Heavy RainPCJune 24, 2019
JudgmentPS4June 25, 2019
Monster Jam Steel TitansPC, PS4, XOJune 25, 2019
Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenNSJune 25, 2019
Redeemer: Enhanced EditionNS, PS4, XO, PCJune 25, 2019
Samurai ShodownNS, PS4, XOJune 25, 2019
FujiiPCJune 27, 2019
The Sinking CityPC, PS4, XOJune 27, 2019
War Tech FightersNS,PS4, XOJune 27, 2019
F1 2019PC, PS4, XOJune 28, 2019
Super Mario Maker 2NSJune 28, 2019
Warsim: The Realm of AslonaPCJune 28, 2019
Blazing ChromeNS, PS4, PCJune 30, 2019
KurskLinux, P4, XOJune 30, 2019
Proto‑GPCJune 2019
Steel Division IIPCJune 2019
UltracoreNS, PS4, PS VitaJune 2019

(Dates via, dates sub­ject to change.)

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