Heels & Heroes Ep. 6: Sakura Genesis and Supercard of Honor

Heels & Heroes Ep. 6: Sakura Genesis and Supercard of Honor
Heels and Heroes

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Welcome, marks and markettes, to another episode of Heels and Heroes wrestling podcast. It's been a busy couple weeks here, with mania weekend and all, but we're back to cover more NJPW and Ring of Honor. This week, we tackle RoH's Supercard of Honor and (briefly) New Japan's Sakura Genesis. First, the boys give their thoughts on the Golden Lovers v Hangman Page and Cody, Marty Scurll v Will Ospreay, and Okada v Zachary Sabre Jr. After that, we move on, discussing the entirety of Supercard of Honor, but focusing on the big matches. We talk about the Bucks and Flip taking on SoCal Uncensored (and some uninvited guests) in the ladder match. We lament the Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega, in his match with the Three Star Savior, Cody. Finally, we wrap up with a match between two of our favorites, Marty Scurll and Dalton Castle. As always, thanks for listening.

You can find the pod on Twitter, @HeelsHeroesPod, as well as the rest of us, me, @HellboyIsMyHero, Dean, @MadOnTheNet, Grg, @CryptykNumidium, and Birb, at least until he's banned again, @MonarchMagpie.

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