UPDATE 2/18/2014 – For those who didn’t check them out on Facebook, it is confirmed that Reloaded, Inc is now in ownership of Hawken.

We have some interesting news coming from the free to play front today. Hawken, a first person mech combat game from Meteor Entertainment, hasn’t received a great amount of love from the developers in 2014. In March CEO Mark Long stepped down as Meteor Entertainment closed the doors to its Seattle, WA office to merge with their Los Angeles, CA office. After this, there was a few quality of life improvements but forward development of the game came to a standstill. Later in the year their social media accounts went quiet. The game saw only occasional bug fixes as a dedicated and loyal fan base sat with crickets chirping, awaiting the fate of their beloved mech shooter.

Now we have some info breaking to restore faith in those devotees of the polished mech combat game. Yesterday someone came by the official Facebook page for Hawken to blow off the dust and to leave a couple of cryptic messages for those who were paying attention.




About eight hours later we got this post detailing some upcoming fixes/updates, as well as confirmation of life for Hawken.




We also got this Twitter post that leads over to Hawken’s Facebook page:


Encouraging news indeed for those who are still playing the dev stalled Hawken, or those who want to still check out the fantastic mech fun. It doesn’t end there, though. Looking up who crafted the recent Facebook post, one capnjosh, leads us to LinkedIn where we see that he is an employee of Reloaded, Inc.




For those who do not know; Reloaded, Inc is a company that was formed after buying the rights to the then defunct MMO Shooter All Points Bulletin. Having moderate success rebranding APB as APB: Reloaded, and later taking on the post-apocalyptic MMORPG Fallen Earth, Reloaded has gotten a name for resurrecting worthy IPs

This evidence, along with a bit of sleuthing from some investigative minds over at the great Hawken subreddit, leads us to believe that these silent updates to Hawken have been done by Reloaded, Inc as they were in the transition phase of purchasing the IP from Meteor. If the recent posts on Facebook are anything to go by, we should be looking forward to some exciting Hawken news in the future. I think it is safe to say at this point that Hawken is getting Reloaded.

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