We play the shooter meets resource management game Starfighter Research and Development! Beta of game provided for coverage by Gord Games

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We play the surprisingly feels filled beat em up Hero Boy from Crowned Daemon Studios! Game key was provided by Crowned Daemon for the purposes of coverage.

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Hero Boy on Steam

Hero Boy on Itch.io


Josh, Jason, Jake and Mike play some of the slightly buggy but utterly lovable River City Random Underground! Barf! Josh's key was provided by the devs for coverage purposes, everyone else bought theirs.

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River City Random on Steam

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Josh Bray
Josh has worked in IT for over 15 years. Graduated Broadcasting school in 2012 with a focus on A/V production. Amateur photographer with a passion to make things work... by any means necessary. Editor-in-Chief and do-er of tech things at SuperNerdLand