I feel a sort of welcome letter is in order. I would like to introduce you to a taste of the new blood. Call this our mission statement, or our reason for starting on this endeavor.

As the events of the past year boiled over, we just could not take it anymore. We’ve seen outlets that do not have their audiences best interests in mind proliferating. We’ve seen websites that prefer to lead users on a click-fest though crap instead of offering anything substantive. We’ve seen ideology forced down the user’s throat in the guise of critique and review. We’ve seen condescending attitudes coming from an “enthusiast” press that seems to only want to be enthusiastic about dumping on your face when you question them. We’ve seen objectivity and standards in the entertainment press be shat on by the people demanding our trust.

We’ve seen that it is as important as ever to lead by example and showcase how things like gaming and technology are helping to bring the world together.  We are here to build a platform that respects and engages its audience; a place that works to build up community, not tear it down with divide and conquer tactics intended to incite reader engagement through outrage.

2014 was a helluva year for gaming, technology, and issues relating to the geek space we inhabit. We have a consumer revolt that has been raging for months—a consumer revolt with no signs of stopping.  Next generation consoles are finally starting to offer a glimpse of why people should purchase them. PCs are working up to a sort of critical mass, where price, power, and ease are coming to a point that more and more users want to experience what the PC environment has to offer. The greater spread and speed of broadband internet and services that use it have made access to books, TV, and movies easier than ever.

All of this is gathering into a perfect storm of creation, so to speak. It’s one thing to be fed up with how things are operating. It’s another to do something about it. This is our “something.” We want to enter this new media space with passion and a promise—a promise to ourselves and a promise to you. There is a reason you sit here today reading our words across your screen.

We are so disappointed that passion has seemed to escape the grasp of some of the sites that call themselves enthusiasts. We are sadden that it is commonplace to stereotype and insult wide swaths of a community. We are pissed at needing access to the right echo chambers to even get acknowledged by most entertainment press outlets.

We are mad as hell, and we aim to lead by example.

So what does this mean? This means covering things with integrity and standards. This means disclosing anything we feel may influence coverage. This means gracefully accepting criticism and working to be as factual as possible. We have created a Code of Ethics that we are proud to follow, and we are here to make the best damned content we know how to make.

We wanted to create a site that we would want to read and with content we would want to watch. Because we are you, we are everyday people who happened to get together at the right time in media history.

These are humble beginnings, though, as we are not the largest staffed site. Even though we are all volunteer staffers at this time, a paycheck does not equate to quality.  We love our niches, and we adore covering them in anyway we can. That is what we are here to do to the best of our abilities.

We are working on a small but respectable start. To give you a small preview of content coming in the future. We are primarily working on games coverage at first with PC and consoles reviews, impressions, let’s plays, and retrospectives. We also have coverage on traditional games coming as well, and I am very excited about that. We also will be looking into technology news and interest stories.  After our launch, and as we grow, we are looking to add coverage for comics, books, TV, and movies as well, since all of these have helped mold the people that we are today.

There is a saying that is a bit trite these days but fits so very well:

“There is no better time than present.”

Now is the time we show what new media can do, and what community means. You are not just a page view, unique click, or impression for an ad banner. You are the reason we are here, and you are the reason we will work to be the best damn site we can be.

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Josh Bray
Josh has worked in IT for over 15 years. Graduated Broadcasting school in 2012 with a focus on A/V production. Amateur photographer with a passion to make things work... by any means necessary. Editor-in-Chief and do-er of tech things at SuperNerdLand