Back Issues Episode Twenty-Seven: Locke & Key

Back Issues Episode Twenty-Seven: Locke & Key

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Locke & Key

Well, folks, this is it.  The final episode of Back Issues.  It's been a long six-month road, but the decision was made to end Back Issues with this episode.  Things had changed a lot, since we started.  Names had come and gone, and what we wound up with just felt like a different beast.  It was time for a change, for an ending to the series.

Don't worry, though.  Something new, yet still familiar, is coming.  We're not packing it in, entirely.  We're far from done, really.  Plans are in motion, and you'll definitely be hearing from us, very soon.

I have been privileged to have been your host, Jason, and for Dick, John, Jordan, and everyone who has worked on Back Issues, we thank you for tuning in, and hope to see you all when the new project hits.  It's been a blast.

Intro music is "21 (Rhythmic Mix) [Feat. King Wynter]" by Ars Sonor.

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