Heels and Heroes Podcast Episode 4: New Beginnings Osaka and Honor Rising
Heels and Heroes

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As usual, the boys settle down and talk some wrestling. In this episode, we recap New Japan's New Beginnings Osaka and Ring of Honor's Honor Rising events. First, we discuss how every match between Los Ingobernables de Japon and their rivals in CHAOS is incredible.  After, we (I) move onto how much better YOSHI HASHI is as a heel. Then, in addition to the matches in Osaka, we discuss the RoH-NJPW crossover show, but somehow mainly focus on the greatness of Dalton Castle, the talent and misfortune of Beretta, and the shittiness of Beer City Bruiser. Oh yeah, and we talk the return of the GOLDEN LOVERS, who definitely aren't gay, okay? Seriously. And on top of that, we hit the Bullet Club drama and the most recent episodes of Being The Elite. Thanks for helping push Super Nerd Land into more wrestling content and, as always, thanks for listening.

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