Our two mon­th anniver­sary is com­ing up here at SuperNerdLand and I fig­ured it was a good time to let peo­ple know how this lit­tle exper­i­ment is going. Given that busi­ness moves slow­er than news, doing the­se State of the Site posts every cou­ple of months seems like it will hit the right spot of hav­ing inter­est­ing things to tell you while not repeat­ing myself. First I would like to thank all of our read­ers, view­ers and con­trib­u­tors thus far. Without you there is quite lit­er­al­ly no site to be had. It’s the com­bi­na­tion of pas­sion that our con­tent con­trib­u­tors and our audi­ence have that makes this endeav­or pos­si­ble.

Where We’ve Been

We start­ed SuperNerdLand in February 2015 with a bit of a com­bi­na­tion to our gen­e­sis. There was a group of peo­ple with great ideas and no where they felt they could get them out. There is an audi­ence hun­gry for a renewed enthu­si­ast press that won’t throw them under the bus for fla­vor of the mon­th con­tro­ver­sies. We saw that there is a ded­i­cat­ed audi­ence out there that wants a stan­dards dri­ven press, and so we start­ed upon this voy­age.

None of us are what you would call “pro­fes­sion­als” in media. In fact we are all vol­un­teer at the moment. We do have a col­lec­tion resources in both skill sets and expe­ri­ence that will always make me feel incred­i­bly lucky to be sur­round­ed by the folks that I am here at SuperNerdLand. We hope to expand this lit­tle fam­i­ly in the future as we grow our cov­er­age spheres with peo­ple as pas­sion­ate as you and I.

How are we doing?

In two words: We A’ight. That’s a bor­ing sum­ma­tion though, so let me expand on that a lit­tle bit. Let’s face it. The enter­tain­ment media mar­ket is sat­u­rat­ed. The mon­ey inside the indus­try is spread so thin that most writ­ers can­not do it full-time and expect to eat, let alone keep up costs of a busy site if they are start­ing up.

I would liken the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion to the video game crash of 1983 in so much that a glut of low qual­i­ty pro­duct is sat­u­rat­ing the mar­ket caus­ing a nose dive in the via­bil­i­ty of the enthu­si­ast press as it stands.

And I am OK with this.

Also much like the video game crash of 1983, the mar­ket and the indus­try itself is not crash­ing. It’s just get­ting shak­en up. Market uncer­tain­ty isn’t great for invest­ment and adver­tis­ing, but it sure is a great time to start inno­vat­ing. That is what the video game soft­ware and hard­ware man­u­fac­tures had to do after the 1983 crash, and it’s what the enthu­si­ast press is going to have to do now.

So where does that leave us here at SuperNerdLand? Well, we frankly start­ed with strong ideas but no expec­ta­tions. So in a way that makes any suc­cess a good thing. That said, we are doing bet­ter than I would even have given large expec­ta­tions of a site filled with part timers start­ing out in this mar­ket. Our page views from our first week com­pared to the one that just past­ed showed an increase from 50 views to up to 5,000 views per arti­cle. Maybe I am still naive enough to be impressed by this, but this showed me some­thing. I con­sid­er the site in beta mode still –but even so– there is an audi­ence out there for our view­points and for alter­nate plat­forms.

Given that we are get­ting bet­ter day by day in our own craft, and the old advice of “Always con­tin­u­ing for­ward to reach suc­cess,” I see no rea­son our audi­ence wouldn’t grow going for­ward. With feed­back from our read­ers and view­ers, I feel we can keep agile enough to address the con­cerns peo­ple have with media the­se days and be able to present com­pelling con­tent.

There is one unex­pect­ed thing that came from our first two months in beta oper­a­tions I’d like to touch on. While our game review and impres­sions con­tent does decent­ly, it is actu­al­ly our edi­to­ri­al and opin­ion con­tent so far that is get­ting the best recep­tion. We do clear­ly label our opin­ion pieces as such, and work to be fac­tu­al in our edi­to­ri­als. So we con­sid­er it a high com­pli­ment to be receiv­ing praise and increased views from this side of our site.

Where are we going? 

Opinions and edi­to­ri­als were not some­thing I was going to focus on as the site was infan­cy, but I do feel there is worth in them when pre­sent­ed prop­er­ly. Opinions that work to address more than one side of an issue, and fac­tu­al news-worthy edi­to­ri­al  pieces are some­thing I per­son­al­ly love to read from oth­ers, so I can appre­ci­ate the want for it. I guess I am just blown away about how we have been received for ours so far. We plan to focus on the­se aspects of our site much more into the future. Not just because we have got­ten a good recep­tion, but also because our staff enjoys shar­ing their pas­sion­ate views.

That isn’t to say we are focus­ing less on gam­ing, reviews, Let’s Plays, ect. In fact we will be hit­ting the­se areas even hard­er in the next cou­ple of months as we start to spread our wings and iter­ate on feed­back from our audi­ence and staff mem­bers. Let’s just say it’s a good time to be a nerd.

I plan to be ham­mer­ing on a new ver­sion of the site in the next cou­ple of months, which will push us to what I will offi­cial­ly call SuperNerdLand 1.0 after we solid­i­fy cer­tain orga­ni­za­tion­al aspects and set­tle into cov­er­age areas. We want to get the site pay­ing for itself and solid­i­fy our pres­ence in cer­tain areas, as well as launch antic­i­pat­ed projects like our pod­casts and video projects.

To lay the cards on the table, so to speak, we have a fair­ly low oper­at­ing costs. Fiscally at least. A lot of the invest­ment in the site comes from people’s expe­ri­ences and time spent work­ing on con­tent. To be frank (and it will be part of an upcom­ing how-to arti­cle on start­ing a plat­form), we start­ed with cost of one dol­lar. Here soon our total oper­at­ing costs will be up to $8.99. For now.. If you make us pop­u­lar, that could change. For now, though, we are the def­i­n­i­tion of fru­gal.

The gen­er­al plan is to get the site pay­ing for itself, then use any­thing above nine dol­lars a mon­th to start upgrad­ing and evolv­ing the site, the con­tent, and our com­mu­ni­ty fea­tures. I will actu­al­ly be putting some things togeth­er on the site to detail where we would like to go and the costs involved. In this regard I have a bit of inspi­ra­tion. If you want to see trans­par­ent media in action, go give Highland Arrow and their con­tent a look.

I want to thank you all for being along for the ride so far, and stay tuned… because we are only just get­ting start­ed.

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