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Skullgirls 2nd Encore Coming to PS Vita –

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is coming to PS Vita on April 5th. The game will feature all of the regular features of the game, as well as the downloadable characters, and new challenges, trials, and a survival mode.


Sega Now Publishing Atlas Games in the US –

Sega announced that they will be the sole publisher of Atlas games for the US, and also in Europe. There will not be any larger changes to either brand.


Project Diva X is Coming West –

Sega announced that they intend to bring Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X to the west in Fall 2016. The game has 30 playable tracks and 300 costumes found through “loot drops” in the game. The game plays just like the arcade version of the game. The game will be available in both digital and physical formats and will be on both the PS4 and PS Vita (Martyr is excited because she sucks at the arcade version, but may be good at this one).


Bandai Namco Opening Up Virtual Reality Playland –

Bandai Namco is opening a Virtual Reality Center in Tokyo. Open from April 15th until October, “VR Zone: Project i Can” will be almost 5,870 square feet, and will feature a variety of VR experiences, ranging from driving a racecar, saving a cat 200m above the ground, to escaping an abandoned hospital for a true horror experience. Sign ups start on April 8th.


Pokemon GO Details Dug Up And Revealed –

A Japanese field test of the highly anticipated Pokemon GO revealed a metric fuckton of data about the game. Many screenshots were posted but quickly removed. The data that was found is full of information on how the game works, from what Pokemon are currently available in this very early version (only the original 151), how gym badges will be earned, and information on “biomes” that could change what is going on in the game. There also seems to possibly be a social aspect in “defending gyms”. The game looks as though it’s living up to every desire that Pokemon fans have had for this game.


Blizzard to Make WoW Children’s Books –

Blizzard is partnering with Scholastic, the publisher that probably sponsored your elementary school book fair, to produce a new set of books for young readers. World of Warcraft: Traveler is a series that targets ages 8 – 12, using great illustrations from Blizzard artists.


Round Table – Sexuality in Video Games

Recently, Overwatch came under fire because of a pose that the spunky character Tracer did, which showed off her butt in detail, though still fully clothed. Tracer had some controversy when she was announced because of her outfit, but that was not as discussed as her ass. In addition, Star Ocean 5 was changed for the western release, adding more underwear to the character Miki. Some of the team was interviewed and lamented that “recently, there’s been a lot of flak from overseas countries saying that if you put teens in ‘sexual’ underwear it’s not good, so we increased the amount of clothing”. With many of the people who are putting pressure on game companies to desexualize women in these games claiming to be sex positive, especially considering the recent situation surrounding a Nintendo employee who claims she was fired because Nintendo is afraid of female sexuality, how should game companies react to these types of demands regarding their products?


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