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Nick is a graph­ic de­sign­er, up­com­ing stream­er, and all around busi­ness helper. Will wreck you with Ibuki. Will also like­ly piss you off, don’t take it personal.

If I did­n’t have a fam­i­ly to feed I’d spend all my mon­ey on video games and ani­me fig­ures. Satirist.

A beau­ti­ful pre­cious snowflake who is too su­per­nat­ur­al for pet­ty hu­man minds to com­pre­hend. ~ Amateur Artist and Writer

Gamer, mar­tial artist, SuperNerdLand con­trib­u­tor, Gatorade-fueled-Parkour-loving ac­tion junkie, pro­fes­sion­al smart-ass and oc­ca­sion­al id­iot. How ya doin’?

Gwen a long time am­a­teur game de­sign­er, bud­ding into stream­ing and video pro­duc­tion. Loves mak­ing free games for peo­ple to en­joy. Giver of un­lim­it­ed hugs.

Indigo Altaria has been a devo­tee of Pokemon since Gen 1, what­ev­er gave it away? Within the greater realm of geek cul­ture, her in­ter­ests in­clude lan­guages, cul­tures, world­build­ing, and intersectionality.

Lover of video games, met­al, and hard cider. Amateur video game mu­sic com­pos­er and YouTuber at Video Culture Replay. Armed with a de­gree in psy­chol­o­gy, she thinks she knows it all (and some­times ac­tu­al­ly gets it right). Also skilled with the oboe and wran­gling chil­dren. Catch her on Twitch over at

A per­son, not a label.

I yell at stu­pid peo­ple on the YouTube. Enjoy my pain, be­cause some­body has to.

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