The valiant media strikes again. Where would we be without their totally not biased and not at all lazy reporting? Well I wouldn’t be writing this now, so there’s that. There was much furor raised this week after Hideo Kojima ( Director of Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders, Snatcher, Policenauts) tweeted pictures from the production line of Play Arts Kai’s most recent addition to the Metal Gear Solid V action figure set. In the tweet, Kojima pointed out that the figure for the character Quiet’s breasts could be “pushed and lifted” thanks to Play Art Kai’s new method of production for these PVC made figures.


Sections of the outrage addicted press latched onto this tweet, along with feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian’s say on Tumblr, to start pushing a narrative that will sound familiar to many readers. All within a couple of days, a pile of articles dropped on the net about Quiet’s action figure and all were trumpeting the same lines. That this is sexist, it is objectification (objectifying an object no less), it is childish. They take Kojima’s claims that the character Quiet’s style of dress will be explained in the story with double doses of eye rolling and skepticism.


Not one article (that this author could find by time of publishing) ever bothered to mention that Quiet’s action figure is not the only one from Metal Gear Solid V to feature “malleable” or “squeezable” forms of producing action figures. Did one article mention that Snake’s figure is made with the same method? Not that I could find. Did any article mention this was a new method of production introduced by Play Arts Kai to reproduce more realistic feel and articulation in figures? Not. One. What, do these people not like obsessing over Snake’s chest and booty as much as they do Quiet’s? And they call other people obsessed with breasts. Sheesh.

Jed Whitaker’s piece on the matter from Destructoid. Yes, sans pictures, that is the WHOLE “article.”

In their haste to jump on the outrage bandwagon and throw more of their readership under the bus, the enthusiast press decided to either peddle an ignorant and malformed response to this “story”, or willingly chose to be outraged and stand on their soapbox to shell out a decidedly biased viewpoint when reporting on this.

Go look at those articles. Notice how many of them are labeled as “news.” How can these articles be news when there was not one bit of actual legwork done to see if this was the only case of a MGS V character being “exploited” with this new form of action figure production or not? How can you infer your opinions about the character of Hideo Kojima and the fans of a property in a piece and not label it opinion? I am standing tall on my meager soapbox to pen this, but I am not going to try to pretend this is even news.

This is a not-roversy. This is lazy, one-sided “reporting” being done by outlets and people who either just want to roll around in all that hot clickbait outrage action, or people who want to sell you their ideology but are not courageous enough to term it just their viewpoint.

The only “news” here is how incredibly far some people will start reaching to push a narrative. This is old news, though, as the not just the entertainment press is immune to blatantly one-sided narrative pushing.

But there’s no need for standards though? AMIRITE? (Editors note: Writer had to recover from a severe head-desk incident at this point.)

Here’s the gist of where I am going. Mere minutes of research revealed to me that Quiet’s figure was made with a new production method at Play Arts Kai. That same research showed that Snake’s model used the same method and featured a soft butt and chest. The lazy reporting from the enthusiast press was combined with opinions about how some people feel about Quiet’s physical appearance, with every mention of Hideo saying, “once you recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds” being met with proverbial eye rolls and sarcastic replies. Sure, don’t give any credence to someone who has built characters for almost thirty years now.

Was Play Arts Kai supposed to use their new production method for attempting realism and not apply it to female figures? Were they supposed make just the breasts hard like some botched budget 90s plastic surgery? Wouldn’t this imply preferential treatment of women? FOR FACKS SAKE, I AM TALKING ABOUT AN ACTION FIGURE.

This isn’t news. This piece here is the only thing I have to say about this not-roversy. I may be on my soapbox, but at least I have the gumption to say so.

I am not saying that a conversation and appraisal of how women are portrayed in media shouldn’t happen. I just take offense at manipulating non-news to create controversy.

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Josh Bray
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