Truly the pièce de résistance of our times.

[Disclosure: The writer is an acquaintance of the developer on Twitter and Steam. She provided him with an avatar in exchange for a game on Steam. The game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE was created by Tallulah Marscat with her main dev work visible here, where you can also download the game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE and her other work for free]

[UPDATE: Regarding user feedback, any mentions of the word game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE will be replaced with the phrase INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE game]

This game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE is incredibly, incredibly sarcastic, if the title of the game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE wasn’t any indication. It is a very simplistic affair, with a storyline that manages to evolve from start to finish and manages to keep the attention of the player, despite the fact that it was created as a one-off joke from Twitter. This joke was initially making fun of the current state of Opinion Articles as News on current games, and their abhorrence of ‘commoner’s games’ in favour of artistic INTERACTIVE experiences.


Stories to Sad Pianos While Walking in the Rain

A Sensation of Our Times

Despite the sarcastic overtones, the story itself is still rather compelling in places. You follow the trials and travails of a goony beard-man as he walks through the rain, while sad pianos play in the background. It is gob-smackingly simplistic, with the gameplay INTERACTIVITY taking roughly 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on how long you did not hold W down at one point in the game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE. You gain achievements, you gain a dog, and SPOILER ALERT lose that dog as the game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE progresses. SPOILER ALERT END Eventually, as the game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE progresses, you reach the end of the incredibly sarcastic story, and the game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE comes to a close. It is literally a waste of time, as this is a design feature.

Gameplay INTERACTIVITY to Sad Pianos While Walking in the Rain

Truly the Citizen Kane of Our Time

The only gameplay INTERACTIVITY present within the game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE is that of pressing W so that your goony beard-man walks to the right. Continually pressing W is an allegory for the oppression of Women in society. [Editor’s note: The writer had to be prevented from throwing his keyboard out the window.] There is literally no other gameplay INTERACTIVITY within this game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE.

Technical Bits to Sad Pianos While Walking in the Rain

“No FOV sliders. 0/10” – TB (not really)

As this game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE is extremely simplistic, there are no settings. No FOV sliders, no resolution settings. Nothing. TB would be in a furor over this lack of settings.

Final Thoughts to Sad Pianos While Walking in the Rain

“A Total Waste of Time” – Tallulah Marscat

“A Total Waste of Time” – Tallulah Marscat

Overall, it does show the competence of the developer, with Walking to Sad Pianos While Pressing W being otherwise extremely atmospheric. Rain falls, the goony beard-man walks, time passes, time is lost. The sad pianos themselves are a bit much, however.

Download this Game if: You have a few minutes to spare for an game INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE based on a Twitter joke.

Do Not Download this Game if: You have no idea what’s going on or why this is here. Or actually pay attention to the developer’s advice to leave this one alone.

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