Okilly Dokilly: The Worlds First “Nedal” Band

Chris got introduced to the Worlds first "Nedal" band, Okilly Dokilly - the all Ned Flanders band. Here are his thoughts and some sweeitly deedly tunerinos


There is with­out a doubt no short­age of men­tal and ridicu­lous things I get asked to look at and re­view. The “World’s First Ned Flanders Inspired Metal Band” is not low on that list, al­right? I could show the en­tire­ty of Nuclear Rabbits discog­ra­phy, where they talk about the var­i­ous ways to use your girlfriend’s guts in a va­ri­ety of ac­tiv­i­ties — that be­ing the least fucked up song — or the Reggae Led Zeppelin cov­er band Dread Zeppelin, who very com­i­cal­ly em­ploys the likes of an Elvis Presley im­per­son­ator to do the vo­cal work (Incidentally they are ac­tu­al­ly re­al­ly good.)

That’s only the short list, I’m not even in­clud­ing Sex Twister. And I would like to, I re­al­ly would, but that band needs it’s own ar­ti­cle and I would do them no justice.

So, what’s all this buzz about a Ned Flanders Inspired Metal Band Okilly Dokilly? Pop it in your Google search en­gine and you’ll get a pletho­ra of ar­ti­cles about it, the ques­tion here isn’t the odd­i­ty — there’s no lack of that.

Anybody worth their bones at this whole jour­nal­ism thing would take five sec­onds to ac­tu­al­ly look at the con­tent, which sur­pris­ing­ly is lack­lus­ter for all the at­ten­tion it’s garnering.

Now, the record­ing qual­i­ty I can for­give. That in no way re­flects on the tal­ent of the band and they should nev­er be cri­tiqued be­yond that point. I’ve spent quite a while play­ing mu­sic (un­like some of these “writ­ers” and “jour­nal­ists” who cov­er any of this con­tent) and I can tell you first­hand that this is not a game you get into to make mon­ey, so not putting mon­ey into record­ing? Not a big deal, very un­der­stand­able. Besides, it’s a demo.

The songs are an­oth­er mat­ter en­tire­ly, as they groove like Hardcore Punk; a sound far re­moved from Metal with the ex­cep­tion of Thrash Metal and Death Metal. These sub-genres are im­por­tant dis­tinc­tions that need to be made in such a vast­ly pop­u­lat­ed genre of mu­sic so as to avoid con­fu­sion. If we la­beled every­thing as just Metal, we would have Black Veil Brides and Sepultura stand­ing toe to toe as Brothers in Arms. And we know that shit is some heresy.

Neither is in­her­ent­ly good or bad, but they also aren’t the same. It’s like play­ing Football (or Soccer) for a liv­ing, and con­stant­ly telling peo­ple that you don’t play Soccer, you play sports. Yes, but what sport? There’s nu­ance for a reason.

You know what I like a lot about these guys? The fact that they aren’t so up­pi­ty about it like I am. They don’t care; they’re re­laxed and com­i­cal. And hey — my hat goes off to you. Head Ned, the lead singer, had this to say about the band’s sound and how they ac­tu­al­ly got the name Okilly Dokilly:

Stupid_Sexy_FlandersNot as fast as Bartcore (Grindcore), and a lit­tle clean­er than Krusty Punk, not as heavy as Homer J.ent (Djent/Progressive Metal)- Nedal (Metal) is a hap­py medi­um in the Simpscene.

Myself and our drum­mer were in line at a gro­cery store, en­ter­tain­ing our­selves by com­ing up with re­al­ly cutesy names for re­al­ly hard­core, bru­tal bands, and the name Okilly Dokilly came up and was very fun­ny to us – we ran with it. I con­tact­ed a few friends, and here we are.”


If you’re left hand­ed, you like Sex Twister, and you want to get your rocks off to five of the stu­pid­est, sex­i­est Flanders around then pop onto their Facebook and say hi did­di­ly ho to the hard­est neigh­bourenos on the block.  Hell, check out their demo and give it a good lis­ten above. It’s not my thing, but the vo­cal­ist has some po­ten­tial in my book.

I do know one thing though: It’s clear they don’t give a fuck and they’re just hav­ing fun. And that, my friends, is an at­ti­tude shared across all sub-genres.

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