There is without a doubt no shortage of mental and ridiculous things I get asked to look at and review. The “World’s First Ned Flanders Inspired Metal Band” is not low on that list, alright? I could show the entirety of Nuclear Rabbits discography, where they talk about the various ways to use your girlfriend’s guts in a variety of activities — that being the least fucked up song — or the Reggae Led Zeppelin cover band Dread Zeppelin, who very comically employs the likes of an Elvis Presley impersonator to do the vocal work (Incidentally they are actually really good.)

That’s only the short list, I’m not even including Sex Twister. And I would like to, I really would, but that band needs it’s own article and I would do them no justice.

So, what’s all this buzz about a Ned Flanders Inspired Metal Band Okilly Dokilly? Pop it in your Google search engine and you’ll get a plethora of articles about it, the question here isn’t the oddity — there’s no lack of that.

Anybody worth their bones at this whole journalism thing would take five seconds to actually look at the content, which surprisingly is lackluster for all the attention it’s garnering.

Now, the recording quality I can forgive. That in no way reflects on the talent of the band and they should never be critiqued beyond that point. I’ve spent quite a while playing music (unlike some of these “writers” and “journalists” who cover any of this content) and I can tell you firsthand that this is not a game you get into to make money, so not putting money into recording? Not a big deal, very understandable. Besides, it’s a demo.

The songs are another matter entirely, as they groove like Hardcore Punk; a sound far removed from Metal with the exception of Thrash Metal and Death Metal. These sub-genres are important distinctions that need to be made in such a vastly populated genre of music so as to avoid confusion. If we labeled everything as just Metal, we would have Black Veil Brides and Sepultura standing toe to toe as Brothers in Arms. And we know that shit is some heresy.

Neither is inherently good or bad, but they also aren’t the same. It’s like playing Football (or Soccer) for a living, and constantly telling people that you don’t play Soccer, you play sports. Yes, but what sport? There’s nuance for a reason.

You know what I like a lot about these guys? The fact that they aren’t so uppity about it like I am. They don’t care; they’re relaxed and comical. And hey — my hat goes off to you. Head Ned, the lead singer, had this to say about the band’s sound and how they actually got the name Okilly Dokilly:

Stupid_Sexy_Flanders“Not as fast as Bartcore (Grindcore), and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk, not as heavy as Homer J.ent (Djent/Progressive Metal)- Nedal (Metal) is a happy medium in the Simpscene.

Myself and our drummer were in line at a grocery store, entertaining ourselves by coming up with really cutesy names for really hardcore, brutal bands, and the name Okilly Dokilly came up and was very funny to us – we ran with it. I contacted a few friends, and here we are.”


If you’re left handed, you like Sex Twister, and you want to get your rocks off to five of the stupidest, sexiest Flanders around then pop onto their Facebook and say hi diddily ho to the hardest neighbourenos on the block.  Hell, check out their demo and give it a good listen above. It’s not my thing, but the vocalist has some potential in my book.

I do know one thing though: It’s clear they don’t give a fuck and they’re just having fun. And that, my friends, is an attitude shared across all sub-genres.

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