It’s not too often that both my love for Metal and my love for video games collide. Hell, I count on it; I hope and dream for it. When Brutal Legends came around, I got to live that dream.

It looks like I’ll be living that dream again in the near future.

Haemimont Games, who developed the Action RPG Victor Vran, are set to release an official expansion for the game titled Motörhead Through the Ages which could coincide with the release of their new album Bad Magic on August 28th. Here’s the skinny.

“Traverse war-torn landscapes and cities, Wild-West-inspired landscapes and the Dark Ages Castle where the Queen of the Damned resides, all heavily inspired by and based on Motörhead`s history, lyrics and general attitude,” the announcement says.

“Motörhead defines the themes of the game as Victor faces evils relevant to our own world—religious fanatics, corrupt politicians and power-hungry oppressive rulers. During these quests he will be supported not only by the newly designed Motör-Weapons, powers and skills, but also a soundtrack with over a dozen tracks.”

So essentially, you’ll be fighting religious authoritarians, deceptive authoritarians and just regular old authoritarians; all to the tune of Heavy Metal’s finest in a fantasy setting.

That my friends, sounds like overkill in the best ways possible, but that’s not enough for you, is it? You want more, don’t you? Here’s some concept art Haemimont Games released for your visually orgasmic pleasure.

There’s no release date on this expansion yet, but what you can do is go download Victor Vran on Steam, and get well acquainted with the mechanics before this mother ships.

Lemmy and the road crew are currently with Anthrax and Saxon, and they start touring again for their annual Motorboat deal on September 28th and October 2nd with Anthrax, Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies. So I think it’s safe to say that, if they haven’t already jumped into studio to do the soundtrack to this epic, then the release is far from now.

In the meantime? Here’s a refresher course on awesome. Krank that shit up to 11 and piss off the neighbors, kids. School’s in session.

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