SuperNerdLIVE Episode 6 (Live 35) — It’s on fire!

SuperNerdLIVE Episode 6 (Live 35) - It's on fire!

Show Notes:

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 coming to (PS3/PS4) US on May 26th


Sonic Mania delayed until Summer


Disney Afternoon NES collection coming via the makers of Megaman Legacy Collection


PS4 Titles coming to PS Now game streaming


Life Sized Summer Lesson waifu doll announced and priced


Starbreeze to Publish System Shock 3 for $12 Million


Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner Steps Down, Remains On the Board “As We Transition”


Microsoft blocks Windows Update from being used in Windows 7/8.1 on AMD’s & Intel’s newest CPUs

Beat Takeshi: "Ghost in The Shell May Be First Successful Live-Action Film Adaptation of Japanese Manga" (AAHAHHAHAHHAHA sorry Beat. It’s gonna suck)

Crunchyroll to Stream Season Two of "Berserk" Anime

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Josh Bray
Josh has worked in IT for over 15 years. Graduated Broadcasting school in 2012 with a focus on A/V production. Amateur photographer with a passion to make things work... by any means necessary. Editor-in-Chief and do-er of tech things at SuperNerdLand
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