SuperNerdLIVE Episode 7 (Live 36) — The Definition of Penny Stocks

SuperNerdLIVE Episode 7 (Live 36) - The Definition of Penny Stocks

Show Notes:

Mad Catz delisted from the New York Stock Exchange


GameStop Closing At Least 150 Stores Amid Sales Decline


Visionary Game Developer Brian Fargo to Retire After Wasteland 3 Launches


English Version of Summer Lesson Release Date Set for April 27


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Cancelled for Wii U in Favor of Switch Version


[Good spot to mention the conductive foam fixes for the left Joy-Con issues present in some consoles]


Richard Stanton breaks code of ethics and Kotaku [and attempts to] hides conflicts of interest


Youtube removes annotations, focus on cards


PS3 Production ending soon


New Justice League Trailer (aka WHY DOES CYBORG LOOK LIKE A PS2 CUTSCENE)


Deadpool 2: Michael Shannon the favourite to play Cable


Spider-Man: Black Cat/Silver Sable spin-off also planned


Marvel TV/movies crossover "wouldn't work", says Anthony Mackie


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