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Greetings Nerdites! Your friendly EiC, Admin, and general do-er of things here with another site update for SuperNerdLand!

I know it’s been a good two months since the last meaty update. Not that there hasn’t been things going on around here — far from it. I have the workload to prove it! Jokes aside, we are continuing our growth, and I want our lovely community to be in the loop with the exciting news! It would just be a very short update to say, “It’s business as usual.” So I try to keep things relevant to actual growth rather than saying “Yup, we are still chugging away” at set intervals.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the meat and bones of what is going on around these parts!

First I want to introduce a couple of new content creators knocking around the neighborhood. We’d like to welcome to our illustrious ranks one Cate and one Toal Fact!

Toal Fact has come on as a more general writer, and you can expect some Nerd News, Editorial, and Opinion pieces from him. Cate comes to us to write about, and showcase, some of the nuttier communities that are found around Tumblr’s way. If you see her lost in that labyrinth then at least offer her a glass of water, and try not to point and laugh too much at her lost sanity.

The second bit of news happens to touch on that growth I mentioned earlier. As of the start of October, we have switched over from a regular ole webhosting account to a dedicated server! Well, technically a VPS off that dedicated server. We were wanting to grow our capabilities to serve great content with as little middleman service agreements as possible (one of the many reasons we are ad free), and we got offered a deal we just couldn’t pass up!

So since October 3rd, the site has been served off a dedicated server we share! We are sharing dedicated server costs with Highland Arrow, and it’s been grand so far. On that point, it is of note that there is no editorial, or managerial control of one site to another. We are just digital neighbors in virtual duplex, so to speak. It has been great so far too, and the 1 Gbps port we have is so damn nice.

That actually segues nicely into our next announcement! You may notice a general theme of this update. That of growth of content and capabilities. We are working hard to fill our niche as best we can. Going into the last quarter of this year we are going to be pumping up fast.

More gaming reviews, more in depth editorial content, more interviews, more video content. Just… more. Recently, we even agreed to be home to a new project and site coming to life in the form of Dropped Links which is planned to be a site covering the fighting game scene — from beginner to advanced. Plus we are going to be breaking into podcasts as well, to supplement our stream content. There are a lot of things I am excited for coming down the pipeline.

With this bump up in amount and quality of content comes increased costs to operate. Currently all costs for SuperNerdLand are covered out of pocket, and all work done is on a volunteer basis. This is the definition of a passion project for those involved.

Due to demand for it, and to help allocate the costs we already incur to other areas of site growth, we are expanding the avenues of support our community has available if they so choose to support us more than you already do by reading, watching, and sharing our content. That is why we are officially launching the SuperNerdLand Patreon account to help support the site!

We have had our PayPal donations opened up for a bit already, but we didn’t want to just shove it in peoples faces. So we put it on the site for those interested.

When it comes to structured financial support for the site, though, we wanted to make sure we had the workflow and content to bring to bear for the support.

And so we humbly created our Patreon! It’s right over here. Now, I don’t want anybody to feel obligated to support us more than you already do. We did want to open up this arm of support for the site, and not just for those who had requested it. We want SuperNerdLand to grow as much as our readers do, and this can happen at a much better pace with crowdfunding. No questions about it.

I do want to note that all work done on the site will still be volunteer; all revenue generated will go towards covering site costs. Things like handling our server costs, production software, and review copies of games is what it is planned for, so we have some pretty reasonable goals setup. If we happen to surpass the current monthly goals for the site then anything above will be set aside to make sure future months of site costs are covered.

Currently our goals are:

  • $40/monthly – Covers costs of the dedicated server we are sharing
  • $50/monthly – Covers costs of an Adobe CC subscription to improve content quality
  • $60/monthly – Allow for purchase of review copies of games, as well as cover misc. site upgrades

All together, that’s a $150 monthly total that we set to have all server costs covered, to acquire higher quality production software, and to ensure we have consistent resources to put towards more timely game reviews.

Now, if the above the bar support for the site continues… well, let’s just say we have more plans than what is mentioned here for content and growth of the SuperNerdLand platform. We just want to make sure that we have the workflow setup for it, and we do not want to put the cart before the horse when it comes to growing the site.

So that is the summary of what is going on in our neck of the woods. Growth, growth, and more growth.

October marks the 9th month of operation for SuperNerdLand, and we couldn’t be more proud of what our humble little shop has managed to do here. We never expected to be reaching a consistent 10-15k page view count so early in our journey. That is why I never can stop saying that we are nothing without our readers and viewers. That amount may not be a drop in the bucket to some sites, but it’s everything to us. You make this adventure possible, and we don’t plan on stopping!

So from the depths of all of us at SuperNerdLand, thank you for your support so far. Until I see you next, stay excellent to each other.

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Josh Bray
Josh has worked in IT for over 15 years. Graduated Broadcasting school in 2012 with a focus on A/V production. Amateur photographer with a passion to make things work... by any means necessary. Editor-in-Chief and do-er of tech things at SuperNerdLand