As we were rounding out the year here at SuperNerdLand, we figured we might as well do some sort of commemoration in the selection of a “… of the Year” piece. The thing is, items like “Game of the Year” are a bit played out. And let’s face it, the same handful of titles come up every damn time anyway. Pretty boring stuff.

So we decided to go a different route. To go with a topic that is a bit more divisive, and near to the hearts of many staff and readers of our site. That is why we introduce SuperNerdLand’s Waifu of the Year 2015!

Being the first of its kind on the site we decided to be a bit more lax in the nomination pool, allowing contributors to nominate waifus from previous years as well.

The methodology was as follows:

Contributors nominated three waifus each for consideration among site staff. Once nominations were drawn up, staff voted Yes, No, or Maybe to everyone’s nomination. Once staff put in their say on everyone’s waifus, the editorial board drafted five choices for a final round of voting. The waifu with the most votes at this stage is winner of Waifu of the Year! Everyone’s first round waifu nominations will be listed at the bottom of this article.

(Disclaimer: Under threats of duress and termination from contributor Cate Winters, we allowed 3D waifus)

With our further delay, let’s get to our runners up and the winner of SuperNerdLand’s Waifu of the Year!


2nd Place – Lara Croft


Coming it at a strong second place in all rounds of voting, Reboot Lara Croft nearly beat our lead waifu this year in voting. Being a waifu that is smart, kicks ass, while also being able kill and cook you dinner has made her a definite favorite among SuperNerdLand contributors. She may have lost to our winner, but she didn’t do it without a fight.

3rd Place – Vash the Stampede


Next down on the list at third place is an unlikely choice that grabbed the hearts of staff. Vash the Stampede may not be an actual “waifu,” but after many contributors were heard to break down in tears crying out “Love and-ah Peaaaaaace” at his mention, Vash trended well during all stages of voting.

Tied up for last place were two editor choices, but places for different reasons.

4th Place Tie – Elphelt


Elphelt was added due to the sheer amount of Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- characters nominated in the first place. Being a literal waifu, her choice to represent the Guilty Gear grouping made perfect sense. Sadly, the popularity of Guilty Gear characters in the first round of nominations was not strong enough to carry her through to earning top marks in the final round of voting. Earning just one vote along with our next mention, Elphelt has earned fourth place, but in a cut throat competition

4th Place Tie – Angel Haze


Sharing fourth place in our final round of voting with one vote is rapper Angel Haze. Angel Haze made it to the final round of voting after the aforementioned Cate Winters broke into SuperNerdLand offices and threatened to literally “shit on our shit waifus.” Despite the passionate push for her inclusion, Angel just didn’t win over the hearts of our staff.


SuperNerdLand Waifu of the Year – Linkle


We now come to the winner of SuperNerdLand’s Waifu of the Year 2015! Pulling in twice as many votes as our second place choice, Linkle was the clear choice this year for many contributors.

Considering the world at large only learned of her existence in November of 2015 after a Nintendo Direct stream, the passion that our staff and readers have shown Linkle is amazing. Linkle is coming to the game Hyrule Warrior Legends, featuring an iconic look and dual crossbows. You’ll be able to be united with the people’s waifu later this year when Hyrule Legends is released March 26, 2016.

We want to congratulate Linkle on her win, and thank you for coming to check out SuperNerdLand’s Waifu of the Year!

Are our waifus a shit? What were your waifus of the year? Tell us in the comments below!

Staff Nominations:

Michael Campbell

  1. Horo – Spice & Wolf (Even though it was released like 80 years ago)
  2. Reboot Lara Croft
  3. Taokaka – BlazBlue Series

Killer Tofu

  1. OG Chan (Ruled out due to conflict of interest) – Super Nerd Land
  2. Elphelt – Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-
  3. Juri – Ultra Steet Fighter IV

John Sweeney

  1. Linkle – Hyrule Warriors Legends
  2. Neptuna
  3. Platinum the Trinity – BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend (STFU she’s like 1000 years old and part boy.)

Toal Fact

  1. Frieda – Ys series
  2. Ryobi – Senran Kagura
  3. Beatrix Brehme – Muv-Luv Schwarzesmarken

Josh Bray

  1. Amanda – D4
  2. I-No – Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-
  3. Ciri – Witcher 3

Optimus Deadpool (Guest Appearance)

  1. Chun Li – Street Fighter V (mmm alternate costume)
  2. Quiet – Metal Gear Solid 5
  3. Potempkin aka: Thunder Chunky – Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

Indigo Altaria

  1. Linkle – Hyrule Warriors Legends
  2. Millia Rage – Gear Gear Xrd -Sign-
  3. Elma – Xenoblade X

Darrell Hinkle

  1. Kelly Maxwell
  2. Ruby Knowby
  3. Amanda Fisher – (All of these women are from Ash vs Evil Dead, lol.)


  1. Mami Tomoe – Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  2. Umaru – Himouto Umaru
  3. Vash the Stampede -Trigun

Cate Winters

  1. Angel Haze – Musician
  2. Lara Croft – Reboot Tomb Raider
  3. Fran – Final Fantasy XII


  1. Linkle – Hyrule Warriors
  2. Muffet
  3. May – Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-
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