Pack in Game of the Month: Town of Salem


Town of Salem a turn based Flash game by Blank Media Games is a game that you can play for free in an in­ter­net brows­er or on your mo­bile de­vice, all you need to do is sign up for an ac­count. The devs do have a Steam ver­sion, but it will run you $4.99 if you are in­ter­est­ed in it. The game Town of Salem is a mul­ti­play­er game in­spired by the Salem Witch Trials. As the name im­plies, there are plen­ty of ref­er­ences to those tri­als, as well as the game Mafia.

You can play one of three teams un­der a fake name. You play as ei­ther Town, Anti-Town (since the ad­di­tion of se­r­i­al killers, were­wolves, and vam­pires along with the Mafia), or Neutral. The Town tries to ex­e­cute all of the anti-Town play­ers through the var­i­ous roles that are as­signed at the start of the game to sniff out those anti-Townies. 

Mafia are the main tar­get of the Townies, and the Mafia’s goal is to kill all of the Townies. Some anti-Townies can work with the Mafia, such as Witches, and win to­geth­er. Some, how­ev­er, can­not. Werewolves and ar­son­ists have to fend for them­selves and go against the Mafia, but they do not help the Town. 

Neutral play­ers can re­al­ly play what­ev­er side they wish, or just live til the end of the game with­out pick­ing a side.

The game is all about ma­nip­u­la­tion, ly­ing, and de­tec­tive skills de­pend­ing on what side you’re on. This makes it es­pe­cial­ly fun if you get a group of peo­ple who will eas­i­ly be­lieve you. Go check it out for free!

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