We talked about SuperWhoLock before but, of course, they’re all their own separate shows. I didn’t want to take you down this path (or any of these show’s paths for that matter) due to the rotting corpse everyone is ignoring in the middle of the road. Hey, hand me that stick over there and I’ll poke at it. Keep an eye on what comes out, it’ll be part of the learning experience. Yeah, make sure to really look hard. The tape on its face? Yeah they’ve tried taping all kinds of faces on it to cover up the necrosis. The fans and creators alike.

Ah, we got a good one coming out!

The story of Doctor Who hasn’t been good for a very, very long time. I would answer this genuine seeming question if they hadn’t added the “dumb idiots” tag. Because calling the people saying this idiots is going to make them answer.

This person makes a great point, although I don’t like the writing. Because Steven Moffat is an uncaring murderer of TV shows.

When these people start attaching to your show it might be time to cancel.

I always feel as though these people have never watched TV in their lives, they just now watched their first show and it was Doctor Who. Also, I’m bummed that Jodie is the Doctor. I have no doubt in my mind that’s she’s a fabulous actress. It’s just a shame to see her throw her talent in the trash can that is Doctor Who. (An aside: remember how everyone in that Avatar: The Last Airbender movie ruined their careers by being in the movie? It's like that to me).

Yep. The glass said “Patriarchy”.

I don’t think this person realizes why people dislike some movies, but OK! Also, I'm pretty sure a sizable chunk of these weren’t decried as “SJW propaganda.” They’re pulling it straight from their ass.

Because men and women talk and act the exact same, right? Also, wouldn’t you hope the Doctor was going to still be written as the Doctor? Not this bullshit gendered garbage. Time Lords are aliens, why should they care about gender? This should be your main concern.

Because that’s why “totally all white straight male conservatives” are upset. Completely. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching a female Doctor if the show was any good.

Imagine seeing one person rant about the female doctor and letting that fuel your stupidity enough to make this.

The problem is that the show needs to die and all that’s happening right now is, like, 10 random people have a huge problem with it and the rest are making a mountain out of a molehill that nobody actually cares about.

Did you hear the brain static by the end of that one too?

I forgot that people bitched about being too lazy to find pants with bigger pockets, so they blame it on men for a while. Thanks for reminding me.  

Presented without comment. The way their blog reads, they’re serious.

Let’s go wash our hands, I hate having this stink all over me. There, that gas station should have a sink.

Before we get too far jumping into my rant portion, I am going to bring up some spoilers that pissed me off. The one that got me the most is the handling of Danny Pink, boyfriend of Clara Oswald, the companion.

Let’s go wash our hands, I hate having this stink all over me. There, that gas station should work. Boy, there are a lot of gas stations here for a website. In the meantime, let me tell you about some more shenanigans.

So do we all know Danny Pink? In the 12th Doctor’s time he had a companion named Clara, one of my least favorite companions to date, but not the worst I guess. Danny and Clara were teachers at the same school and had a sort of cute thing going on until Danny meets the Doctor. He’s pretty uncomfortable with her going around doing dangerous stuff with him and yadda yadda. It's dumb and forced “‘Is she cheating on me? Oh god, they were in a closet, but they were really just in the TARDIS” tripe. The usual. And then Danny ends up going along too, sometimes, once he’s introduced to the whole time and space travel jazz.

They were the only thing keeping me watching because I loved Danny so much. So I was thrilled for us, the viewers, to meet Orson Pink. He is very clearly related to both Clara and Danny, it’s not even funny. He even has the little toy soldier Dan that Danny kept and very likely passed down in his family due to its significance in a past episode involving the couple. They have a sweet, happy future ahead of them. Then what happens?

YEAH! HE GETS HIT BY A FUCKING CAR AND FUCKING DIES. And then Clara has a breakdown and demands the Doctor go back and save him but this one car accident is a fixed point in time somehow. Danny took too much effort for the show runners because he was a good character, is what happened. A guilt-ridden war veteran was more interesting as something for Clara to angst about apparently.

And what did the writer say when people demanded to know who the Hell Orson was then?

“Lateral Pink relative, Clara probably went back and told his family all about what happened...” Instead of actually putting it in the show because that would involve even more effort I guess, and he thinks the viewer is stupid. Because making a character that implies two others have children and then shitting on it is OK. The only saving grace of the episode is Santa busting in to say “LOOK BITCHES Y’ALL AIN’T HAPPY AND I’M HERE” and I begged Santa to bring back Danny before the screen went black. I stopped watching completely after the episode "Death In Heaven."

"Death In Heaven", an episode about dead people not actually being dead, rather, they were stored in a database, was the last straw because Danny could have come back but instead, due to the fact he was once in the military, he sent back a boy he accidentally shot during a raid and died for good right after. So he sent this probably orphaned non-English speaking boy nobody knows anything about to live a life of hardship instead of leaving him to rest and going home to his loving girlfriend.

That's not even the least of the show's problems. The writers have changed so much and screwed with canon, not to mention the writers laziness, and frankly it's been running for too long. It has gone stale with the typical pitfalls of any show that goes for too long.

It pains me to see so many fantastic actors throw their talent on the Doctor Who garbage fire.

Anyway, can you loan me a dollar? I want to grab a candy bar. Our next adventure is going to be soon, I promise.

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