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Bad-ass Babes Beclothed

Dynamite Entertainment owns three of the most bad ass — and sex­i­est — hero­ines in comics: Vampirella, Red Sonja, and Dejah Thoris. I’ll even pay them what I con­sid­er to be the high­est of com­pli­ments. These war­rior women are clas­sic fight­in’ females in the Heavy Metal cover-girl tradition.

Recently Dynamite Entertainment announced that all three char­ac­ters will sport new looks come January. Let us cut to the chase. Vampirella’s improb­a­ble deep-V swim­suit — gone. Red Sonja’s chain­mail biki­ni — gone. Dejah Thoris’ skimpy chains-n-pasties out­fit — gone. All Gone.

Will Be

That’s half the rea­son why peo­ple both­er with these char­ac­ters. I’ll be real about it; do you see many women give a shit about these char­ac­ters? And of the ones who are inter­est­ed in them, do you assume all of these oth­er women don’t also enjoy sexy women as well? In Dejah Thoris’ case, her appear­ance is plot rel­e­vant. Pretty much every­one on Mars is scant­i­ly clad. Mars is hot as hell; can you blame them? All these looks are icon­ic, and these cos­tumes seem to be chang­ing just to pan­der to polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness fanat­ics who don’t even read these books.


This is my main gripe with these social jus­tice adher­ents. They are push­ing for more mod­est cloth­ing under the excuse of being “real­is­tic.” But this kind of fic­tion isn’t real­is­tic in the first place, but we all know this is just an excuse to push an agen­da in the name of “inclu­sive­ness.” Some want to turn every­thing beau­ti­ful into a mediocre stag­nant mess; to make them­selves or the fel­low adher­ents of this ide­ol­o­gy more com­fort­able. When they mean to make things more wel­come to women, they mean more wel­com­ing to their kind of women; no one else. Never mind that women can find scant­i­ly clad female char­ac­ters just as appeal­ing. No, appar­ent­ly it’s just appeal­ing to straight while males liv­ing in basements.


Artist Nicola Scott said in the press release, “[She] designed the new look for these icon­ic char­ac­ters, blend­ing clas­sic cos­tume ele­ments with the func­tion­al, action-ready designs that mod­ern and diverse audi­ences long to see. ‘It’s an hon­or to reimag­ine these amaz­ing, icon­ic women and be part of their ongo­ing lega­cy,’ Scott says.”


Yes aping Claire Redfields design is orig­i­nal, amirite?

Heavymetal.com said, “Among fans, there is always resis­tance to change — but the redesigns of these cos­tumes seem to sig­nal a shift away from the hero­ines’ pin­up lega­cy. This, we are pret­ty sure, will not go over well with quite a few people.”

Well lad. It’s quite more than a few people.





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