Hello guys and gals! Little bit of a holiday update for you this weekend. As everyone is off enjoying cookouts and fireworks, we are putting the finishing touches on something that we've talked about a little, but would like to announce all formal-like!

But first a little bit of updates on the more personal side. You may have noticed June was a tad more quiet for us, not counting the amazing folks at the Back Issues podcast putting out weekly, and Mike with his ridiculous but hilarious OG-Chan. We've had contributors like myself and Darrell moving and working more, folks taking care of family and health issues, and just various life stuff. We are all getting back in gear for summer though, and part of it is the bit of change we are making to how we release some of our content.

So what are we up to? Well, we are moving some of our content to a monthly magazine style format! There are quite a few reasons for this that I will touch on here, but go into more detail in our Letter from the Editor in our first issue.

We put on this show on a volunteer basis, so that also means working out content around work schedules, life stuff, health issues, etc. Being able to plan around a monthly release format allows us to plot out quality content, and get more people on board. It also introduces deadlines for people. Let's face it, some people work better with hard deadlines (myself included).

We have also have editors who were kind of just sitting on their thumbs when it came to work to edit due to how quickly I would just churn out folks articles when they came to me. Instead of bothering anyone, I would normally just edit something up in the morning and release it that day. Now we can actually work in the couple of editors we have that are excited to work on things.

And as we start toget our bill paying side of this operation up (another thing for another time) with our web services business that will fund SuperNerdLand, we can actually start budgeting very well for monthly issues when we build the budget for paying contributors, commissioning art for covers, etc.

And purely from a geeky standpoint, I just plain enjoy pushing a throwback to enthusiast periodicals. When I've described SuperNerdLand to some people, I likened it to a fanzine of times past. We're not the glossy, machine bound, ad-filled mass market publications. We are the fanzine lovingly Xeroxed and stapled together to send out to audience that appreciates a no-BS, man on the ground, approach to looking at an industry we all love.

Moving to a "web magazine" style format for some of our content is perfect for our current state.

It's not to say all of our content will be sliding into a monthly format. We will still have more timely articles coming out when the topic is more hot -- that just makes sense. We will also keep on with the twice weekly releases of OG-Chan, and weekly releases of the Back Issues podcast. Otherwise, we are going to be pouring our normal amount of excessive love into the monthly releases!

I want to leave you as I normally do, with my heart felt thanks for joining us crazy people as we push our little experiment in quality content. I do feel compelled to apologize for the more quiet month of content, but I have to say... we are only getting started.

Now have a preview of the "cover" for our first issue crafted by our own John Sweeney!

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Josh Bray
Josh has worked in IT for over 15 years. Graduated Broadcasting school in 2012 with a focus on A/V production. Amateur photographer with a passion to make things work... by any means necessary. Editor-in-Chief and do-er of tech things at SuperNerdLand