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Let me start off by saying the Communism scene is flooded with males and it’s predominantly male focused. Why, might you ask? Before you flood my Twitter feed with a deluge of hate crimes, let me explain. You see faces of posers like Stalin and Mao. While one is a highly revered colored person Person of Color, he is still afflicted with a penis.

When was the last time you heard about strong people like Yuri Kochiyama, a lovely Woman of Color who once said, “Communism is pretty cool, man”? However, Google’s honoring of this hero was met with backlash, we will get to that later.

You see penis everywhere you go in Communism. Mostly, you see white penis. I’ve begun to call this “White Communism” as a way to describe the phenomenon. Have you ever wondered why Communism got a bad name? Bear with me when I say it was the shortcomings of men. The reason I assert this is is because posers like the aforementioned Stalin did it wrong. Along with all the other men who “paved” the way for Communism and “birthed” it. It should not be done with blood, which is the normal male response. In reality, it was women who birthed communism. It’s a hard pill to swallow, boys, I know. Believe me when I say, history has been all wrong. But what else could you possibly expect when conservative, billionaire, white men have written our history books since the dawn of time?

Artist rendition of Anna Looski

It was a young black, openly gendersexual woman, Anna Looski (Editor’s Note: This is a totally legit source, srsly guise… guise?), who single handedly birthed communism herself. Where else did you think the red (blood) on the flag came from? It’s her blood that discharged as she metaphorically birthed what would change the world forever. The hammer was her fist as she brought it down on the heads of the bourgeois, and the sickle is her reaping the heads of they who oppressed her. It wasn’t until she brought her thoughts together in book form to her second cousin, Karl Marx, that she would meet her end. Thus, after successfully making her death look like a suicide, he published The Communist Manifesto along with his colleague and noteable homophobe Friedrich Engels.

Why would I tell you about this piece of history? Because it is very important to what I’m going to tell you. The whites and males cannot hold us back. We will be unstoppable. However, to become unstoppable, we must first break way from those who are pretenders and posers. I call for diversity and free thought. We have to leave Communism, in the white male sense, behind if they can’t hop over the line to the right side of history and drop their egos. I call for all religious minorities, all racial minorites, women of all sexualites, gender identities, and hair colors to join me in this crusade to reclaim the good name of Communism. I would go as far to say that these stubborn, narrow minded men are even the bourgeois in disguise. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Now we will go back to Yuri, who I mentioned earlier in the beginning of our journey here. Now who were those lashing out at this woman? Who else would it be other than those who tried to ruin other diversity movements such as Atheism+? None other than those same capitalist pigs who ran women out of their homes for the better part of 2014 and last year in America over wishing for diversity in video games. A place you purportedly can be “free” to be a woman and speak about diversity supposedly. Contain your laughter, please.

I call upon all women, all coloreds people of color, all LGBTODPANB members to join me to rise up against something much worse than the bourgeois. That force is white masculinity. It looms over us the same way, if not worse, our pompous overlords do.

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