Hey Nerdites! Back again with a belat­ed site update! It’s been at least 2 months since my last address to the lov­ing mass­es. My apolo­gies for that, but life gets busy at times and I trucked on keep­ing the site up with fea­tures and con­tent in the mean time.

And fea­tures is what I’m here to talk to you about today! Oh, love­ly fea­tures. In the past two site updates I had men­tioned com­mu­ni­ty fea­tures. Forums, pro­files, user blogs, etc. Well I didn’t for­get about them! In fact, they have been most­ly done for the past mon­th. Just a com­bi­na­tion of being busy with oth­er aspects of the site — plus life — got in the way of the­se fea­tures becom­ing “live” for the gen­er­al pub­lic.

But no more! And what bet­ter tim­ing than a year after the con­sumer revolt that shook up gam­ing and games media. This week­end actu­al­ly marks my own one year mark since sup­port­ing revolt born from #GamerGate, and open­ing up new avenues of dis­cus­sion on a site that was born from the frus­tra­tion folks have with gen­er­al games media and news at large seems like all too fit­ting a trib­ute.

So here we are! With com­mu­ni­ty fea­tures for you to use, for us to use to com­mu­ni­cate bet­ter with our read­ers, and to just gen­er­al­ly bring you more inter­est­ing stuff for your vis­it to SuperNerdLand.

So what do we have here? I’ll have a video tour below to give con­text to what all you folks have access too. But here is the short­ened ver­sion of the fea­ture addi­tions.

We have:

  • Discussion forums (for site talk and in gen­er­al top­ic areas like Music, Movies, Gaming, etc)
  • User Profiles (so you can keep track of your activ­i­ty, send pri­vate mes­sages, post media, etc)

In the pro­file areas you have:

  • Information area (You can tell us your name if you choose, a bit about you, and add in your gam­ing pro­file names for Steam, Xbox Live, PSN or WiiU to con­nect with users to game)
  • User Blogs (got some­thing you’d like to say, and want the pos­si­bil­i­ty of it being fea­tured on the main site? Then the user blogs are for you!)
  • Facebook-like Wall func­tion­al­i­ty (you can keep track of your activ­i­ty on the site, have peo­ple respond to it, favorite sta­tus­es, and post on oth­er mem­bers walls)

And this is all imple­ment­ed in a way that inte­grates users with the site. Oh, and we offer easy site reg­is­tra­tion via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Steam, and Disqus! Or you can reg­is­ter the ole fash­ion way with a form. Which ever works best for you!

Quite a love­ly solu­tion, actu­al­ly. Now I can’t go and claim I cod­ed up a cus­tom thing here (I’m not THAT good). For those curi­ous, since we are using WordPress as our plat­form, we fig­ured that the best solu­tion would be one that worked with WordPress and offered the eas­i­est way to get to using the site for our users, as well as offer­ing easy mod­er­a­tion tools for our mods. Not to men­tion some­thing that will be easy to main­tain and export from in the future, as well as easy inter­gra­tion. As such, our forums and user areas are pow­ered by BBPress and BuddyPress, with some extra plu­g­ins and PHP pok­ing to get it all in order for you all.

We also have Tapatalk sup­port for mobile devices! You can either go to the our forums on mobile and sub­scribe, or search up “SuperNerdLand” in the Tapatalk app to get to our forums!

Without fur­ther ado, let’s get into show­ing it to you! Instead of some bor­ing screen­shots just plopped in here, have a video tour show­ing the fea­tures and how to get in of it all and join in the fun!

Other small bits of site news involve small addi­tions like the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service added to cov­er use of forums and oth­er site fea­tures, menu struc­ture updat­ed for com­mu­ni­ty fea­tures plus login via side­bar, and oth­er mis­cel­la­neous bits like the Content Partnership details (TL;DR of that is we agreed to have our con­tent aggre­gat­ed by a cou­ple months ago).

I want to thank all of you for help­ing SuperNerdLand grow and become bet­ter over the­se past few months. We are grow­ing in great ways, and we wouldn’t be any­where with­out every­one of you. We are ded­i­cat­ed to bring­ing you the best con­tent that we can, and because we are ad-free we can focus on qual­i­ty not clicks. Five views are just as impor­tant to us as 5,000, because each of you is an impor­tant part of SuperNerdLand.

Until next post, remem­ber to stay awe­some to each oth­er out there! BraySite NewsSite NewsHey Nerdites! Back again with a belat­ed site update! It’s been at least 2 months since my last address to the lov­ing mass­es. My apolo­gies for that, but life gets busy at times and I trucked on keep­ing the site up with fea­tures and con­tent in the mean time. And…
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