I think it’s time someone finally addressed the 6’10” musclebound jaguar in the room. King, arguably Tekken’s most recognizable character for over 20 years, is clearly a furry. And as such should have no place in video games. Thanks to recent events with Tony the Tiger, I think we all know why.


It is clear that “King” is just the fursona of a depraved individual. Many people think he isn’t so bad, as he doesn’t rock a full fur-suit. This actually makes it much worse. The real reason he doesn’t fully suit up is to accentuate his bare naked chest with glistening nipples, and he wears skin tight pants to highlight his protruding crotch and firm buttocks. Worse than a furry, he’s a sexualized furry.

King demonstrating one of his many vile sexual manoeuvres

There is a reason he’s a “grappler” type. Getting in close, taking people down, grabbing, and squeezing people against their will. I have it on good authority that King regularly participates in yiffing sessions with Armor King. He gets up to plenty more debauchery in the numerous furry conventions he frequents. Along with Armor King, he most likely participates in furpiles with Kuma, Panda and Rodger. It is quite reasonable to assume that the aforementioned animal trio aren’t actually animals at all, but people in full fur suits. This means they should also be removed from the series (Alex and Gon are Scalies who should also be removed as well).

King takes his prey back to his “wrestling ring of rape.” Ban this game! Censor it!

King is a bit like Lucky Chloe, but worse. He also sports a tail accessory, constantly finishes his sentences with ~nyan while striking cat girl poses, but with high degrees of sexual deviancy. It is speculated you can even cause death by these degrees of deviancy.

Lucky Chloe. Basically a far less provocative, far less sexualized, far less debaucherous version of King.

I believe that King has gotten a free ride for the last 20 years, but it is time that he was appropriately censored so he cannot corrupt the minds of children anymore with his unhealthy lifestyle choices. Furryism should not be tolerated or promoted in video games. King brings this immoral fetish to the mainstream and this must be stopped.

King, truly one of fighting games greatest perverts.

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Nick Soapdish
If I didn't have a family to feed I'd spend all my money on video games and anime figures. Satirist.