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Tom Clancy’s The Division received to some ridicule on its release for creating a “line simulator.” Due to no clipping being allowed between other player characters, players found themselves needing to queue in lines to talk to NPCs for game progression. This has caused embarrassment for Ubisoft and problems for players having to wait to progress quests. Thankfully Ubisoft has vowed to resolve all line issues in an upcoming patch.

Below is a statement released from Ubisoft:

We at Ubisoft are very proud of what we have created and thanks to all the gamers out there for making The Division one of the biggest gaming launches of all time. However we do realize that there are some issues that are currently harming users’ experiences.M

ost gamers have been patiently waiting in their virtual lines, however there has been some people upset with having to do this and have attempted to cut the line. This completely ruins the lining up experience which is so vital to enjoying The Division. To preserve the sanctity of the line we are are currently trialing two solutions.

Our first solution to eliminate cutting is to implement a ticketing system. We will be placing a machine in the same room as the NPC and pressing it will give you a number. Once you have this number you may wait in the virtual waiting room with other players. From there you must listen for your number to be called out. To aid users a number will also be displayed on a monitor in the waiting room. Please be aware that if you number is called and you do not respond in 20 seconds your ticket will be forfeit and a new one will be required. When your number is called out you are able to proceed to the NPC. The NPC will only communicate to players who provide the right ticket number.


Ticketing System Concept Art

Our second excellent solution is the implementation of barriers to prevent cutting. Players will get to line up in a line divided by connecting posts that are only one payer wide, preventing others from bypassing them. Due to technological advances we also erected invisible walls for the barrier so players can’t crouch under them or jump over them making them cut proof. Players will be able to proceed in an orderly fashion slowly through the line until all players in front of them have been served. This solution also helps us prevent long lines leading outside the room by efficiently corralling players in a maze like structure.


pasted image 0
Barrier Post Concept Art

We are leaving it up to the players to decide which queuing system they would like in game. We will be setting up virtual ballot boxes where players can vote. Please be aware players will have to line up one at a time to cast their vote.

We hope players are excited for these upcoming improvements to their line experience. Ubisoft promises to keep bringing more innovative features to the Division. Look forward to such exciting features such as NPC taking a cigarette break, opening and closing hours, NPC sending you to another queue because you’re in the wrong one and NPC talking to another NPC while you’re waiting to be served.

The Division is available now for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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