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Are you ready? I’m sorry you had to see that earlier. I wish I could have shown you something less awful to start off, but that’s just where those people hang out. This next part is more cringey than actually illegal. You can relax a little.

The fandoms hang around this layer of the labyrinth, so that’s what we will be dealing with for now. Up ahead we have SuperWhoLock. This fandom has dwindled considerably from years ago when it was the master fandom…or at least when they thought they were. A look at the SuperWhoLock tag now will show you that anyone who used to be in the fandom now views it as their disgusting weeaboo-esque phase from when they were 14.


But, just like when you were once a weeb — yes I know about that — there will always be new weebs. Someone will turn 14 somewhere in the world, and their parent will get a Netflix subscription. A few years back, SuperWhoLock was the “ruling fandom” of Tumblr. I say they were the ruling fandom, but they were actually just obnoxious mega fans who would shove SuperWhoLock into everything.



Luckily, since 2013, we’ve seen a decline in the fandom. You may notice that more people are shitting on the fandom in the tag rather than talking about the shows. Move along. Ignore their vacant stares.

What? You hear something? Yeah…yeah I know what that is. Some fangirl has begun the mating ceremony. She’s singing the theme song for Doctor Who in hopes to find a mate. Watch your step, some of them are crawling from under those rocks. It’s best to leave them be. Let them do it. I know, it’s gross. But it keeps them alive. Sort of.

Oh my gosh! Look out! *Pushes you out of the way and gets her arm grazed*

Argh! I’ll be fine! Let’s go! Keep running, I can’t believe they found us. Oh my god. I hate them, oh no…  Yes those are bullets! Get behind those bushes! Are you ok?

Yeah, yeah I’ll be fine. Tumblr magic will heal it. *Takes a selfie and tags “me”* The likes will give me back my health. I’ll just need a few minutes. It’s funny in a not-so-funny way that they rolled through. I was just thinking about them. Let’s wait for them to pass because this is the most dangerous fandom. We’ll watch them from behind. Rest up for now.

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