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Here we go again. Onto the next leg of our journey. Get up, dust yourself off, and join me onwards ho! Even though I’ve been somewhat dreading this part, we’re going to have to go through the Hall of Fat Activism.


This is the exact opposite of the Thinspo/pro-ana fandom. I can’t think of which is more unhealthy or self destructive. I have no problem with people who are chubby. There are many differing body types. If you know you’re above your BMI and don’t force people to just accept unhealthy lifestyles, then I have no problems. Anorexia and BED are equally dangerous.


I’m sure there are people who are a part of this fandom who just don’t want to be bullied, and I do not support bullying someone over this. Being big doesn’t mean you have to stop being treated like a human. But if you’re going to act the way the people in this Hall of Fatso do, then do me a favor and leave me alone.





Look at this. It’s a blog for people to enjoy the naked human form. But don’t actually enjoy the naked human form; they’ll be upset! I’d like to mention I have a porn blog somewhere in this labyrinth and I find stuff like this absolutely stupid because I’m apparently misogynistic and disrespectful for enjoying our natural, naked state. I don’t think this person understands sexuality, or the human brain in general. At least the dude up top is kind of cute.


Let’s continue:



OMG, Look away.






Fuck. I mean, hate does sucks, but also, uh… lose weight.



Oh OK, they were always hidden throughout history. And it can’t be because it’s unhealthy and people typically don’t care for larger, unhealthy bodies.




No! Just no. Sure, don’t be an asshat to someone because they’re fat. Then again, what do you say to all the studies that say it is unhealthy?

That it hurts your feelings!?

That it is Fatphobia!?



If you have Type 1 Diabetes it’s not your fault. Type 2 Diabetes is your fault. Eat better and take your damn insulin.



But at least not everyone wandering this Hall is batshit crazy.



Which was in reply to this:



I don’t agree with everything said in the third photo, but there is a point made that hits the nail on the head. Sure, McDonald’s is cheap and easily accessible, but it doesn’t have to be your only option.



Um… only if you plan on exercising so much that your muscle takes up where your fat used to be. That’s not fat, that’s fit. That’s also a lot of muscle. More power to you then, if that’s what you mean!



I thought we could leave the Hall on a somewhat funny note. Moral of the story is that Tumblr absolutely loves and romanticizes unhealthy behavior. They thrive off of it, and it’s sickening at times. I need to rest, let’s go to that Labyrinth gas station over there and get some Combos. Just don’t use the bathroom.



Fuck yeah!

(04/19/2016 – Post has been edited by with minor grammar, and spelling changes.)
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