Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among wom­en, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sin­ners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

Welcome back. Chapter two of MajorMinor recent­ly came out, and I can’t say I was look­ing for­ward to review­ing it. Strap in, because it’s going to be…uh…fun?

So we start in the hotel room we were left in at the end of Part One, and are told once again that Klace died. Then after we catch up on what hap­pened last episode, we sud­den­ly go to a court­room in a land called “Terra.” Which is so orig­i­nal.

Screenshot (227)

You lis­ten to this guy go on a xeno­pho­bic rant about how peo­ple immi­grat­ing to their lands will eat all their food, and then some raggedy guy named Caylen (who I thought was a girl at first) stands up to him, and calls him out for con­stant­ly stuff­ing his face.

Screenshot (228)

He even has an inside source that Plair has food con­stant­ly being cart­ed into his house. How does he know this? Why, one of this dude’s own raggedy ser­vant, Kabu, spilled the beans!

For fuck’s sake, does nobody have prop­er cloth­ing? Is every­thing real­ly that bad there? Kabu tells every­one that Plair has been tak­ing all the food so that he could fur­ther his xeno­pho­bic agen­da, and then prompt­ly has the two arrest­ed. Cut to black.

Outside we find out that it was all a clev­er plot to get Caylen and Kabu behind the sce­nes.

They go back to the castle and Endymion (the lion dude) goes to speak with King Velasquez.

Screenshot (233)

Oh God, it’s like they’re star­ing into my soul

I scrolled too fast, and you can’t go back, but that speci­fic per­son is appar­ent­ly “the sav­ior” which isn’t cliche enough I sup­pose. And then when Endy asks why they need one in the first place, King Fucknut over here refus­es to say.

Screenshot (234)

I won­der who it is!? I won­der if this is going to be anoth­er sur­prise like when we found out who the oth­er con­test win­ner was!

Endy is then tasked with retriev­ing the sav­ior from Earth — to do God knows what. We then we cut back to the drama-fest over Klace being dead. For some rea­son you and Kila are ter­ri­fied because Klace died, which doesn’t make sense. Why fear? A feel­ing of loss or anger would make sense but… what­ev­er. I’m done car­ing at this point.

Now would be an appro­pri­ate time to be scared. It also would’ve been inter­est­ing if you’d added that facial expres­sion instead of Kila still smil­ing like a damn idiot.

Then this ass­hole shows up, you demand answers, and he tells you to go back to the Ark with him. The first choice you get in a very long time is whether or not to take his hand and go. I acci­den­tal­ly chose not to take his hand.

I told you he was an ass­hole. No means no!

After forc­ing you into the Ark, he explains the Ark is some­thing like a place out­side of time and that not many peo­ple are allowed in this place. He only trusts peo­ple of high cal­iber in this place. But for some rea­son he lets you, a stranger, into it. Bravo.

So he will answer your ques­tion, but only one. For…reasons? Am I going to get to actu­al­ly pick, or is this more like a real­ly slow, bor­ing movie again?

Screenshot (247)

Oh shit, I actu­al­ly get to pick! So I asked him what the Midnight Deaths were. It seems most impor­tant out of all of the ques­tions. And… he tells you he has no clue. Fan-fucking-tastic. I knew I should’ve asked who you were.

Screenshot (249)

Oh thank you, Sherlock. Nobody thought of that one before, I’m sure.

Oh thank you, Sherlock. Nobody thought of that one before, I’m sure.

There. Finally. He tells us why the fuck he keeps show­ing up.

Screenshot (251)

He goes on to explain they are after you because of a pow­er he put in you. For some rea­son. A total stranger to him. Blah blah blah, peo­ple want the pow­er and he’s been thwart­ing their attempts to get to you, blah blah blah. But now he wants to know why, so he’s send­ing you to anoth­er plan­et just to find out why they want you. Which is just…ugh. OK, what­ev­er.

Screenshot (253)

Uh huh. :^)

Lovely. This sounds fun already. Careful there, me, you’re start­ing to touch Mary Sue waters. Get your toes out of there.  After fly­ing through this, you land in a forest and smack right into a tree. Your char­ac­ter has a mild pan­ic attack until Endy shows up! He assures you every­thing will be OK, and you’ll go back home some­day.

Screenshot (261)

This feels like it’s going some­where I real­ly don’t want to go. Endy and Konrad from ear­lier explain that Terra is a peace­ful land that has recent­ly been accept­ing peo­ple of oth­er planets/worlds, and they’re ruled by the Immortal King Velazquez. They take you to rest at a near­by town and explain that they need­ed you because you’re the sav­ior. Like that was any sur­prise. They talk about that for a bit, then immi­gra­tion, but my favorite part is when they ask your name and mine is still this:

Screenshot (264)

Then you answer ques­tions for immi­gra­tion paper rea­sons. They ask your gen­der, if you’re a lead­er or a fol­low­er, whether you trust eas­i­ly or are skep­tic, whether you prefer a defen­sive or offen­sive strat­e­gy in fights, whether you’d kill for the greater good or not, and if you’d take a short but dan­ger­ous route or a long but safe route if given the choice. I’m thor­ough­ly sur­prised I got this much choice. Then they ask if you prefer being alone or in a group and, being me, I chose alone.

After final­ly mak­ing it to town we meet the­se dudes, Klace’s man­ager Singe, the orange thing, and Rocker — the oth­er thing, all talk­ing about the Midnight Deaths. Later Jade comes in, warns him that he needs an ali­bi because he was the last per­son to see Klace alive, and then they talk about the world tour and how ruined it is. Then Jade drops this on us.

Insane shit, right? She goes on to explain that the sui­cides are unex­plained but the mur­ders are. So that’s just great. We go to the limo now where the­se two talk. The oth­er per­son is Dazz, a back­up vocal­ist and dancer.

This was about the time I stopped pay­ing atten­tion. He’s talk­ing about Gods and shit.

I would like to proud­ly announce: no, there’s no yiff­ing. Thank fuck­ing God. I don’t want to see that odd­ly pro­por­tioned thing naked, not that Klace would have the char­ac­ter appear with any oth­er facial expres­sion, posi­tion, or cloth­ing.

Screenshot (269)

I start­ed pay­ing atten­tion here. Well. That’s… nice…

Razz-Dazz here has to go get some air after Rocker goes on about how her career will be awe­some after this lit­tle plan. He joins her out­side of the limo and that Inumi dude (who I for­got to men­tion is/was the “broth­er,” but some­how also not a broth­er of Klace — it’s not explained) from ear­lier — who appar­ent­ly lives in the limo — shifts over and says “Bro is dead?”

Fade to black, and we’re here again.

Shit, we final­ly know the dude’s name!

You sons of bitch­es!

And then it ends with Klace thank­ing you for get­ting through the sec­ond chap­ter. He then rolls the­se fuck­ing cred­its. Oh, I won­der why he’s doing this now? Maybe the back­lash from the com­mu­ni­ty? Whatever the rea­son, thank you Klace. You final­ly learned how to do a cred­it roll. Gold star stick­er.

Screenshot (274)

Overall the sto­ry­line was a tad bit cliche, but it was some­what more enjoy­able when we weren’t all about the cringy “KLACE!” shit.

I’d like to men­tion this as a part­ing note. Klace final­ly got a for real fuck­ing com­mu­ni­ty man­ager. Klace has actu­al­ly done things that real­ly made me angry. Although I can’t bring myself to believe the major­i­ty of what was said in the annouc­ment, I’m hap­py some­one has stepped up to take over com­mu­ni­ty man­age­ment. They seem more level-headed at least.

What I am learn­ing while play­ing this slice of hell is that Klace put out a game that was pret­ty much 70 – 80% done. I couldn’t bitch if it were still ear­ly access, but this is sup­posed to a fin­ished game he is sell­ing. To quote a SuperNerdLand con­trib­u­tor, “Oh, for fucks sake.”

Ok, I’m out of here. Time to drown my sor­rows in ice cream. Wish me luck for the next chap­ter. My san­i­ty is still half present at least.

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