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Ok reader, let’s get up. Our rest from last time is over, and it’s time to go. We’re going lose them. Down this hallway. I can still hear them hollerin’. Walk as quietly as you can. These next people are uh… special to say the least. Look at that one straggling behind the others!


Disgusting, right? This, my friend, is the True Crime fandom. They’re obsessed with serial killers/school shooters. Now, I can get having a deep interest in something like serial killers and the like. Heck, I even have an intense interest in cults. But idolizing them? No! What’re they thinking? You’re right, reader, they’re not.

Look! Another!


Why couldn’t they be obsessed with the flower columbine? You seen that? Those are pretty.

Oh God look out for these.


For real, fuck these edgelords. They’re all around the ages of 15 to 17. None older than that that I can see. There’s even some bitch who posts shit about being in love with one of the Columbine shooters. She’s right there, but be careful. She’s… unhinged… I was going to show you the whole group. But let’s take a look at this one for a while.



SHE’S FUCKING 30! AND SHE’S BEEN DOING THIS SINCE 2011! Step back before she sees you, and pray to God she’s just an extremely dedicated troll.

Get behind the bushes. Little do you know that you’re here, reader, for my mental support. Because without someone to go with me I think I’d lose my mind. We’re going watch a few more then we gotta get out of here.


Ok that’s enough for today. I think I can feel myself starting to die inside.

Let’s rest up here in this little random and totally didn’t come out of nowhere hut. I’m sorry, that was a lot to take in. Next time I’ll make sure it isn’t so sickening. Well, this is Tumblr, so it’s all sickening. But it won’t be to this level. I promise. Now get some sleep.

*Snuggles up in a random sleeping bag on the ground* Until next time, watch out for these crazy fucks!

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