Translating Tumblr: The Serial Killer/Mass Murder Fandom

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Ok read­er, let’s get up. Our rest from last time is over, and it’s time to go. We’re go­ing lose them. Down this hall­way. I can still hear them hol­lerin’. Walk as qui­et­ly as you can. These next peo­ple are uh… spe­cial to say the least. Look at that one strag­gling be­hind the oth­ers!


Disgusting, right? This, my friend, is the True Crime fan­dom. They’re ob­sessed with se­r­i­al killers/school shoot­ers. Now, I can get hav­ing a deep in­ter­est in some­thing like se­r­i­al killers and the like. Heck, I even have an in­tense in­ter­est in cults. But idol­iz­ing them? No! What’re they think­ing? You’re right, read­er, they’re not.

Look! Another!


Why couldn’t they be ob­sessed with the flower columbine? You seen that? Those are pret­ty.

Oh God look out for these.


For real, fuck these edgelords. They’re all around the ages of 15 to 17. None old­er than that that I can see. There’s even some bitch who posts shit about be­ing in love with one of the Columbine shoot­ers. She’s right there, but be care­ful. She’s… un­hinged… I was go­ing to show you the whole group. But let’s take a look at this one for a while.



SHE’S FUCKING 30! AND SHE’S BEEN DOING THIS SINCE 2011! Step back be­fore she sees you, and pray to God she’s just an ex­treme­ly ded­i­cat­ed troll.

Get be­hind the bush­es. Little do you know that you’re here, read­er, for my men­tal sup­port. Because with­out some­one to go with me I think I’d lose my mind. We’re go­ing watch a few more then we got­ta get out of here.


Ok that’s enough for to­day. I think I can feel my­self start­ing to die in­side.

Let’s rest up here in this lit­tle ran­dom and to­tal­ly didn’t come out of nowhere hut. I’m sor­ry, that was a lot to take in. Next time I’ll make sure it isn’t so sick­en­ing. Well, this is Tumblr, so it’s all sick­en­ing. But it won’t be to this lev­el. I promise. Now get some sleep.

*Snuggles up in a ran­dom sleep­ing bag on the ground* Until next time, watch out for these crazy fucks!

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